About Me

About Me

I never set out to be a writer, although I have always been a reader. Books were my first love, and growing up an only child I can remember making up stories and immersing myself in another time and place for recreation. History never came alive for me back then, but later, through books, films, and dramas,  I came to love the Romans, the Tudors, the Vikings and so on. I followed a career in healthcare, got married, had children and then became obsessed with genealogy. It was all-consuming and intense, and once I became absorbed in my late grandmother’s World War Two service, I was hooked.

From there on a tidal wave of stories poured forth as if I had been saving them up for years. At that time, I was in the middle of an English Literature degree with the Open University, and so I took a couple of Creative Writing classes. For me, this was a crucial turning point as I suddenly realised that I could be a writer, and somehow it felt right.

I write historical fiction with romance and at this present time my focus is firmly on the Word War Two period. Historical fiction enables history to breathe and come alive in a way it never can when narrated from old history texts. As a reader, you become immersed in the period and the drama and in so doing you gain a fresh perspective. Who knows, if you despise history you may even become a convert.

Everything about the 1940s fascinates me, and as much as it was a tragic and traumatic time, it seems it was also an exciting time to have lived. I’ve uncovered so many rich stories and I’m sure there are many more buried within war-torn Britain, so I might linger in this era a while longer.

I am a member of the Historical Novel Society and the Romantic Novelists Association.